25 September 2018

FCUK Plastic

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Sustainable fashionmay be fashions buzz-phrase for 2018 but unlike most trends, its a fashionable phase that is sure to stick around and evolve because, long story short, our planet can no longer sustain (see what I did there) our all-consuming, fast-fashion industry or our consumption.

300 million tonnes of plastic is manufactured every year. To put that into perspective, it’s the weight of the entire adult population of the planet. Plastic is a versatile product used in everything from an everyday water bottle to the dye used for your clothes. A huge amount of this plastic is wasted and ends up places it shouldn’t be – 8 - 12 million tonnes is found in oceans every year and it harms whales, dolphins, turtles and countless other marine animals.

As a part of Global Recycling Week, FCUK has collaborated with Plastic Oceans Foundation to create a new design of the iconic FCUKtee. French Connection is supporting the charity and their work to clean up the oceans, reduce plastic waste and bring about more awareness to this important cause.

And what better way to do it than the ‘FCUK Plastic’ t-shirt? The line first created a stir in 1997, when French Connection released a t-shirt with FCUK Fashionprominent across the chest. I remember it well, weirdly. I must have been around 6, aware of the word play and entirely curious about the fact that adults were wearing it so blatantly, even though it was, in my eyes, obscenely naughty.

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FCUK Plastic t-shirt | Straight Leg Jeans | Ankle Boots |

As you can see, Im now a proud owner of a FCUK Plastict-shirt. Its a simple but necessary message. Plastic is an easy material to cut down on. Its as simple as buying a reusable bottle, ditching the plastic bag for your vegetables and taking along tote bags for your shop to carry things home in. I was a fairly early adopter of reusable aluminum straws its such a basic but effective way of reducing plastic usage and thankfully, huge corporations, from Starbucks to our local cocktail bar down the road have switched to paper straws.

With the ever-growing saturation of social platforms, a job under the influencerumbrella makes you more susceptible to throw away trends. To keep up, you must keep current! I jest, but I too am guilty of an occasional purchase for its bang on trend properties and the guaranteed likesthat it may earn me.

But are likesand views worth the one million trees that get cut down each year for fabric production or enabling an industry built up of workers, 75% of whom are women, working excessive hours in exploitative conditions? Are they worth harming animals at sea? I dont think so.

There are ethical fashion brands that have paved the way, building a brand based on sustainable fashion and then using social platforms cleverly to market it attractively to us millennials, encouraging us to splurge a bit more on fewer investment pieces with the promise that it will carry us through more years and wears.

Buying into sustainable fashion can seem daunting. Add ethical/sustainable/organic to anything and prices double.  But not all sustainable fashion is mind-numbingly expensive.

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Ankle boots | Faux Fur Coat | PU Leather Skirt | FCUK Plastic Charity t-shirt

French Connection had me DJ at their store recently for an AW event and commissioned this post to illustrate just that and I feel entirely privileged to be working with such a strong British brand, who are educating themselves and others on an issue that can no longer be ignored.

The really great thing about the FCUK Plastic’ t-shirt? Its a plain white tee and that lends itself to being worn with everything and anything. Under a dress, over a dress, paired with jeans you get the picture, theres very little that it doesnt work with and you never know, maybe itll catch the eye of someone new to sustainable fashion and get them thinking. Stranger things have happened!

The FCUK Plastic t-shirts are entirely plastic free. Constructed in 100% cotton fabric, with 100% cotton thread and dyed using a plastic free pigment.

20% of the sale price from each t-shirt will be donated to Plastic Oceans Foundation. The T-shirt launches September 24th.

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