7 January 2018

Here's Something More Affordable From Your Favourite Unaffordable Designer

Miss Selfridge coat* | Topshop Boutique jeans | Mulberry handbag | Moschino belt* | Diesel boots* | Gucci socks

I got a pair of Gucci socks for Christmas. They come up to just below my knee. They're as gold as a £1 coin gold with flecks of golden glitter thread running through. They are equal parts fabulous and ridiculous.

In regards to Instagram, they were the only Christmas present to make the cut ( – I've never been a big fan of sharing presents on social media). I snapped them on my story naming them the most ridiculous but fabulous thing I now owned. I found myself in somewhat hysterics at the idea of them retailing at £100 here in the UK on Matches. Anyone willing to spend that amount of money on a pair of socks has to be fab-u-lous and a bit bonkers surely.

Or perhaps not.

Us millennials have proved we love a logo. We're suckers for expensive branding and we can't get enough. Are you even an actual *influencer* if you don't own a Gucci belt or handbag?

2017 was the year that designers tapped into the accessories markets harder than they have done before. Gucci specifically gave focus to 'more affordable' accessories, with a line of headbands and socks, pioneering the way for other brands such as Vetements, Loewe and Balenciaga to follow suit.

We want the runway look but, mostly, we can't afford it so we settle for the next best thing. It may be second best to owning a handbag or outfit no.13 from the Fall/Winter 17 show, worn by the supermodel of the moment, but we're still part of the club and that's enough.

When I try to get my head around parting with thousands of £££ on a handbag I can't and with that in mind, £80 on a pair of socks doesn't seem even nearly as outlandish. Designer socks are a low-key statement for a high-low sartorial mix. Fashion jargon aside, they're a gateway to just enough of the good stuff.

P.S. I just found out that the kids ones are retailing for £40...


photographs by Bethany Elstone

my socks are sold out but you can buy similar here:

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