1 January 2018


Photographs by Beth Elstone

Apologies for the brief hiatus. Recently, I've been enduring one of those times of year where I felt it necessary to reflect and figure out my place and whether I still fit into the blogging industry. I don't want to spend too much time on it but I will say this; I love writing – it's what I trained to do (although my spelling and grammatical errors might lead you to believe otherwise) – and I do love a deep and gritty personal post but I do miss the days where blogging was an escape of sorts to simply indulge in clothes.

So indulge in clothes is what I'm going to do. I recently wrote of my major clear out and the best bit about a clear out? The newfound space for new stuff! Just kidding. Sort of, L-O-L.

Colour has slowly ebbed its way into my wardrobe and, who'd have thought, I'm enjoying every second of the 'look-at-me' coats and the compliments that have come with them, much to my surprise. Last year I tried vinyl trousers but couldn't find a pair that stood right (sorry!) with my petite legs. This year I was on a mission and I first stumbled across some ASOS White vinyl joggers before discovering these ones from Weekday - essentially the same trousers but both have a different fit and purpose. Sticking at something really does pay off, huh!

Holly Read said...

Yes to the coat, the sunnies, the jewelry! Love this whole look. I get what you mean about the blogging industry. It's nice to just read posts about clothes.
Holly x


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