5 November 2017

I Made Money from Tidying my Bedroom

In this little corner of the internet I call my own, I've split my woes and worries, my battles with relationships, opened up about therapy and how I think we should all be having it. I've even offloaded feelings of my career taking unexpected twists (thanks again, Instagram).

However, this post is probably my most embarrassing post to date. It's the post where I'm sharing the utter chaos that I lived in for a few months. It'll come as no shock to you that my nearest and dearest have called me something of a hoarder. When work is busy; samples and freebies pile up and quite frankly, I ran out of space about a year ago but the stuff kept on coming in and this was the result.

Then my boyfriend basically moved in and it was time to face my attachment problem. I had to be strict – in fact, I had to be ruthless and I kept the bare minimum.

But what was I to do with the bags and bags of *loved but not loved quite enough stuff*? I went through it all again and split it between charity and items that had potential to make money from. A load of it had tags on still. Many pairs of trainers had been worn once and been disregarded. I'm not in it for the £1 start price on eBay so I looked into other options.

Mercari was the winner in the end. It’s a new, ebay-esque marketplace from Japan, which has now opened its platform in the US and finally the UK (yay!). It's completely free with no fees to list or sell your items. Once you've sold your item, the buyer confirms it's been delivered and the cash is added to your balance. You have to ship your item within three days but who doesn't love a quick turn around.

So, what is it you can find on my Mercari shop page? Quite a lot of nice stuff to be honest. There's a Nike Sportswear puffer, some cute Superdry boots, a great pair of New Balance running shoes and so much more. What's more, you can use my code COTTON5 for £5 off any purchase over £10!

So, whether you're in the market for making some quick cash before Christmas or after a bit of a bargain, Mercari is well worth a download.

This post was written in partnership with Mercari. You can download the app here.
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