3 September 2017

Three Reasons Why Nice is the Perfect Long Weekend Destination

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The trees lining the streets may be browning but I have every hope that summer will make a reappearance for a couple of weeks at the end of September, as it so often does here in the UK.

A quick Google later and I can confirm that Europe isn't suffering from a premature Autumn, surprise! It's all sunshine and blue skies over there still. What with Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian AND Eurostar all holding flash summer sales, now is the time to get a last minute jaunt in.

After many childhood summers spent in the South of France, Nice is somewhere I highly recommend and somewhere I revisited myself this summer. Not a lot has changed since I was last there with my family, before they jetted off to warmer climates/the other side of the bloody world, and when something is near to perfect, that's never a bad thing, obviously.

The Food

Because where else to start. I ate pasta for three days solid and it was heaven. However, the local seafood is divine, the wine is cheap and the steak-frites is also a solid 11/10 at most places. Prices have certainly taken a hike since I was last there ( - a bowl of fresh pasta set me back about 15 euros, unlike a few years ago when I swear it was more around the 10 or 11 mark).

My favourite place to eat in the centre of town is Milo's - I highly recommend the spag-bol.

The Beach

The Nice beach, which is alongside the 7KM Promenade Des Anglais stretch, isn't sandy but made up of grey pebbles. Personally, I bloody love a pebble beach. White sand is picturesque yes but finding sand everywhere, even weeks after you are home drives me insane.

The only other cities I can think of that have that bustling city vibe alongside a beach is Barcelona and every time I go there, I end up getting something stolen so, in a Nice vs Barcelona situation, I'd always chose Nice.

I don't know about your Instagram theme but grey suits mine just fine tbh.


Nice is incredibly easy to get to. The flight is just over an hour from London airports. Flights are cheap.

It's a small airport so, flowing through to passport control and luggage is fast. Jumping on a bus to the city centre takes no longer than 10 minutes and 6 Euros.

Accommodation varies - you can go as boujee as you like - it is the South of France after all - but you can also find places to stay in Nice on a budget. We went with an Airbnb, which cost only £60 a night  - it was a ten-minute walk from the beach and a ten-minute walk from the centre.

It's also easy to use Nice as a base to visit other places, Monaco is just down the road, as is St-Tropez. As a young adult, I visited the Gorges du Verdon with my family and I can't recommend that place more. It's a 2-hour drive from Nice but makes for an incredible day trip.

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