25 September 2017

A Love Letter to the Paperbag Trouser

To My Beloved Paperbag Trousers,

Just a quick one from me to you to say thank you for the illusion you create around my waist and the forgiving way you skim over my thighs.

There has been many a trouser before you, some more audacious and some less, but very few have caused the same stir of emotions.

You're the perfect solution for someone creeping into (very legit) adult-territory but not quite ready to let go of the frills of their youth. It's for this reason, I'd be keen to have a pair of you in every (muted) colour within my wardrobe.

I can dress you up (high black boots, silky cami) or I can dress you down (Old Skool Vans, velvet bandeau/plain white t-shirt) and I feel as equally satisfied with either option.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, thank you for existing.

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