15 August 2017

This Face Cream is the Real Deal

I've never had a huge interest in makeup BUT I have been *hooked* on skin products since I was little. Clarins lined our bathroom shelves but I was forbidden from touching it, leaving me with an unhealthy obsession and longing for expensive products that I've indulged ever since I could (sort of) afford them. I invoice my mum for them monthly - the invoices are titled 'Therapy'. Lol, jk.

Anyway, I lap up as much skin care as I can get my hands on, yet very little keeps my attention for long. I'm a serial week-long user. I use something every day for a week and am uninspired by its effects or my attention is consumed by another and it's forgotten on a shelf.  It's most likely the latter because I'm a first class millennial and a week in millennial time-scale is a lifetime.

I'm also lucky enough to suffer from extremely sensitive skin. There are few products that agree with my skin. Finding products that don't bring me out in lumps, bumps, redness, etc isn't easy but with my millennial attention span, I've tried many and the more you try, the more you learn about what suits and sometimes it's the unexpected products that work miracles.

I've used Kiehls for a year and a half now for my daily facial skin care regime. I have the oil-free cleanser for in the shower, their Calendula Herbal Extract toner, and now, the new Ultra Facial Cream, which is also SPF 30. A two-in-one? Genius imo.

I've been using the facial cream for around a month now and my skin's looking better than ever. So, not only have I got great skin, I've also proved that I can commit, which is unheard of from my generation apparently.

And no, this isn't sponsored - it's just a note from one sensitive-skinned product hoarder, who finally found a great face cream.

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