3 August 2017

Injecting Colour Into a Monochrome Wardrobe

This post was going to go one of three ways - a chat about wearing nothing but brow pencil and lipstick, how I'm currently dressing like my mum circa the late 80's, in double denim and worn out Converse, or LOOK!! I'VE DITCHED THE FUNERAL CLOTHES & I'M WEARING COLOUR!! In this instance, I'm going with the latter.

I blame the addition of colour to my monochrome wardrobe on the millennial pink trend. For the past year, there's been no escape from millennial pink. Even bloody Nike and Champion have jumped on the bandwagon.

My first colourful purchase was nothing short of a trap. I was coerced into choosing a blush pink CK logo jumper because the oatmeal colour I wanted in Urban Outfitters had sold out. I'm an impatient person, when I want something, I want it NOW. Feel free to call me a brat, it wouldn't be the first time.

Pink slowly made paved the way for red. And I've found that red has stuck. I will always prefer black but I'm embracing my newly-found realisation that I actually look and feel good in red - who can argue with that sort of science?

My Outfit:

Pink/Red wishlist:

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