9 August 2017

Designer Logo T-shirts Are Here To Stay & These Are The Best Ones

photographs by Beth Elstone

Oh look, I'm wearing that Gucci t-shirt (that I spent half a months rent on) again

A white t-shirt will never lose its Icon status. A black t-shirt will never lose its security blanket qualities. A coloured one will never fail to brighten an otherwise dull outfit and designer t-shirts will always be that bit more affordable than a handbag by the same designer and arguably more pinnacle in a great outfit.

While I will never be 'off-duty model' cool in my t-shirt, I do not let that deter me. T-shirts and denim lack any sort of thought or effort and generally look alright, even if they don't make for the most aspirational Instagram content.

To be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever bore of my Gucci t-shirt but I've been on the hunt for other logo t-shirts to mix it up and have curated quite the wish list. 

Happy shopping. 

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Holly Read said...

Love this outfit - it looks so good! I've recently got really into wearing basic tees and statement shirts, haven't got my hands on a Designer one as of yet, hopefully in the future!
Holly x


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