11 July 2017

How To Do A Triathlon If You Aren't A Triathlete

Swimming 400m, followed by a 22km cycle, followed by a 5K run? I'm exhausted from even typing that out. After heading to Dorney Lake, with Shock Absorber to take part in their women's only triathlon event on Sunday for Breast Cancer Care, I have the utmost respect for any and every woman who takes on such a challenge.

But what if you aren't quite up to the full shebang? There are a couple of options.

Firstly, there are different categories. If you're a beginner, you can enter the novice category, where the distances are shorter.

Or, if you really feel unconfident with one of the stages, there's the choice to enter the triathlon as a relay team - which is exactly what we did on Sunday.

The Shock Absorber race fell on a scorching day; sweat poured down faces (mostly during the run stage) but spirits were phenomenally high.

My team mates took to the water and the cycle track and then it was my turn. I didn't run my fastest time but I did run as fast as I could in the heat - so hard I had a little vom at the end, lol.

After spending so much time training and wearing Shock Absorber bras recently, I can understand the hype. I struggle with finding a bra that supports my (bigger than average) boobs but doesn't strain my back. The bras are lightweight but offer full-support at the same time. Being able to pick a sports bra by bra size rather that the simplified S, M, L makes a huge difference.

Now I've just got to work on my swimming so I can take part in the entire Human Race event next summer!

I'd also REALLY appreciate if you might sponsor me for the race (I'm still going even though the race is over) and help raise money for breast cancer. You can do that here. Even if it's just £1, a lot of a little can make a big difference.


I promised you a third week training plan for time improvement and here it is:

  • 5km dress rehearsal. Don't panic if it doesn't go as well as you'd hope... race day always gives you a little extra.
  • Hills - getting some hills in will help you appreciate the comfort of the flat race and be able to turn it up a notch. Because they use more muscle they will build a bit of extra functional strength and also really push your CV system. 
  • Yoga - stretch out. Meditate. Get your race head sorted (I'm getting dead serious now)
  • Rest... eat some cake.  You want to go into the race rested and gagging for it. 

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Shock Absorber. 
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