29 July 2017

I Haven't Worn Eye Make Up in a Month. No, Really.

I kid you not, I've not worn eye make up in just under a month. How? Why? I hear you ask!

Apologies if I dragged you here under false pretences of a no make up miracle but it's no secret that I'm a sucker for a set of eyelash extensions.

I made it through a three-month eyelash extension sabbatical only to come back craving them harder than ever. Who can blame me; summer and eyelash extensions go together like an expensive gin and slimline tonic.

Yes, the 1 hour 20 minutes they take every three weeks is indulgent, as is the damage to my bank balance, but as I said to Claire, owner and award-winning eyelash extension extraordinaire of Fatlash, they give me a confidence that I'm yet to find elsewhere. Plus, anything that keeps me off of Instagram for a couple of hours is a godsend for my mental well-being at the moment.

I've made my way around a few London salons over the past year, but Claire at Fatlash is the one that's stuck. Her lashes are Russian Volume, which instantly makes me think TOWIE/Love Island/Essex etc but Fatlash's Russian Volume couldn't be further from that. At the end of the day, no matter where you go, a reputable artist will discuss your options and, should you want a more "natural, enhancing look" or faux blinkers, you should be able to achieve it.

Fatlash natural 4D lashes (what I go for) cost £95 for a full set and £65 for infills after 3 weeks. Mention MILLIE10 at booking to receive a £10 discount on your booking. You can book with the discount by emailing claire@fatlash.co.uk until the end of August 2017.



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