27 June 2017

The Product Everyone Needs Post-Workout

This morning I was introduced to something of a revelation to include in my beyond basic make up routine. Hear me out, this isn't #sp.

I work out hard. And when I work out hard, I sweat profusely. I can shower, towel down, drink cold water but the red and the sweat keeps on coming.

I wear little make up but even that's a no go for at lease an hour after class. Even then, because my skin is hot and flushed, the powder that I use to de-shine makes my face feel clogged and quite frankly, it all goes to shit.

Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer Stick absorbs oil. I have no idea how that's physically possible but it works like a dream.

The Photo Finish Primer Stick can be worn both alone, to mattify your skin post-workout and hot weather shine, or under foundation. And like all good bases, my make up slided on like a dream after applying the primer stick.

The Smashbox Primer Stick costs £22 and you can buy it here.

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