6 June 2017

Petite 101: the summer trouser

Finding great trousers when you're petite is tough. Petite sections are limited and tailoring is not only expensive but time-consuming. At 5"1', I'm not about to tell you how to dress as a petite woman but...

I firmly rely on trial and error, which also is time-consuming but when it pays off, it bloody pays off. That or wearing 3/4 length trousers as full-length ones.

The trousers I feel most comfortable in nip in at the waist and trapeze to the floor. They leave you with the option of putting a very large heel underneath, inconspicuously, meaning the extra inches don't drag on the floor. Ideal.

Cue these ASOS trousers. Summer, I'm waiting.

Holly Read said...

Love this outfit! I have the opposite problem aha, but I always go for a high-waist, always a better fit and looks so good!
Holly x


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