15 June 2017

How to do festivals on the cheap

Festival season is well and truly up on us. Last year I 'glamp'ed for the first time ever; real beds, showers and clean toilets. What a luxury that was. This year it's back to usual waking up at 8am in a stifling tent with condensation on the walls and a damp floor. Woe is me. 

Festival camping for 3+ days can be bearable if you bring the right kit with you. The essentials are expensive though, so I've spent the past day or so researching how to do a festival on the cheap because, quite frankly, who doesn't want to save money where possible?

Skimping on drinks and food is easy. Packing baby wipes, cereal bars, apples, bananas, big bottles of water, some beers and vodka in water bottles (no glass is allowed) cuts costs massively. 

For all my other essentials, this year I headed to Gumtree to pick up the bits I need second hand. There's no point of buying certain things new when they're more than likely going to come back coated in mud, or worst situation, lost in the middle of crowd.

Hunter Wellies - £90 on ASOS vs £30 on Gumtree

If you're off to a UK festival, Sod's law, it'll rain at some point. Hunter wellies are a festival must-have and the saving between the high street and a brand new looking pair on Gumtree is huge. They're three times the price to buy them brand new. That's £60 that will easily pay for your food over the three days.

6000mAh Portable Charger - £30 Amazon vs £8 on Gumtree

You can't not take a portable charger or three. For festivals, 6000mAh for a charger is the minimum needed. It gives your phone three charges, which is perfect for the long weekend. Picking one up on Gumtree is a third less than retail price!

Ray-bans - from £100 on ASOS vs £25 on Gumtree

Call me stupid for taking expensive sunglasses to a festival but that's just how I like to do it. At £25 on Gumtree, surely these Ray-bans don't even count as expensive?

Converse - £50 on ASOS vs £10 on Gumtree

Converse are my favourite trainer for festivals - I can spend hours in them comfortably. No need for a new pair though as feet are likely to get stepped on and again, mud is a given. To be fair though, I managed to find an unworn pair for a tenner on Gumtree anyway.

Levi's shorts - £50 on ASOS vs £10 on Gumtree

Festival outfits for me generally consist of a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and belt. Boring perhaps, but consistent. A good pair of shorts can see you through a couple of days easily, which saves space for other things, i.e. alcohol, in your bag.

Total saved via Gumtree: £237 (which practically pays for your ticket and transport for you!)

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Gumtree.
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