22 May 2017

Choi Hung Estate

Drowned rat wasn't the look I was going for but the weather in Hong Kong is just as unpredictable as the UK and well, what will be will be.

I arrived home with more content then I could of imagined from our three day, whirlwind pitstop in Hong Kong. We covered as many landmarks, restaurants and *instagram hotspot locations* as we possibly could, clocking up 20,000+ steps a day.

Truth be told, I fell in love with Hong Kong and I don't want to squeeze it all into one post.

I made a bargain with my boyfriend to visit Choi Hung estate. He's obsessed with fish (lol) and there happened to a street dedicated to selling them so, I promised to spend some time there if we could trek to the other side of Hong Kong to check out one of it's most notorious spots on the gram. Win, win. Except for the rain that soaked me through BUT it did not dampen my spirits, lol.

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