10 April 2017

The perks of not letting go

When it comes to clothes and products, I struggle to let anything go. I envy people who are able to adhere to the three month rule; there are dresses hanging in my wardrobe that have been there for years, mainly untouched.

I don't head down to Primark or H&M on a monthly basis to throw a hundred quid at the latest trend, only to disregard purchases a couple of months on. I make careful decisions about the clothes I buy, which makes them all that much harder to part with.

To date, my longest relationship has been with my favourite black jeans - we are forever faithful to each other; I continue to buy the same pair and they continue to hoist me up in all the right areas.

And it doesn't stop there. Call me crazy but I've developed an emotional bond with a lot of the clothes I own.

The contents of a wardrobe can hold cherished memories; for me, there are outfits from the days when I loved Nirvana, swiftly followed with what I wore whilst I had Kate Nash on repeat. There's the American Apparel dress I wore on my first night out and my first vintage designer handbag that I treasured like nothing else and still do/always will. Every time I wear the bodysuit I wore when I first met my boyfriend, I'm reminded of that evening. #Cringe but true.

In other words, I am a first-class hoarder.

Aside from a serious lack of space, holding on to pieces has it's perks. Trends in fashion have a habit of coming back around.

This dress is a good example of that. I bought it while I was at university; it wasn't insanely expensive but it is 100% silk and as a university student, there's no doubt that I saw it as more of an investment piece. Five years on and gingham is everywhere again and I'm having the last laugh.


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