29 April 2017

How to nail the 24 hour flight

What with my family relocating to the other side of the globe, I've made the trip to and from Australia twice a year for the past four years. There's no question that the journey is hard, especially if like me you find yourself doing it alone. I'm off again this weekend - although this time I'm taking the boyfriend home to meet the parents - so, I've teamed up with iconic American leisure brand Russell Athletic, which is now available from Tu at Sainsbury's, to talk you through the steps of nailing the long haul flight because where there's a will, there's a way. Tried and tested.

Comfort is key obviously & two changes of clothes are better than one.

These Russell Athletic pieces are without a doubt some of the most comfortable things I own. I've got a couple of jumpers too and they're so soft. Plus we all know how much I like a bit of obvious branding. 

For the flight that I stay awake, I always wear something that's comfortable but that I'd wear elsewhere too; cue the navy jumper dress. That way, my frame of mind changes to anything other than sleep. I get my laptop out and do some work, listen to a podcast, watch four films - always including something that makes me cry, which is bloody embarrassing, and walk around for a bit.

For the flight that I'm going to sleep in I'll wear the Russell Athletic trackies and jumper. Like pyjamas but a bit more *acceptable* in public. And here's where I pretend I don't regularly wear my pyjamas to the corner shop.

Finally, bear in mind the climate when you get off the plane. When I travel to Australia in December, it's bloody freezing here and boiling when I arrive. I only made that mistake once. Two changes of clothes is key.

You don't need that fifth meal.

The total time you're spending on the plane to Australia is usually around 20 hours. The rest of it is a very inconvenient layover ( - I once had a 7 hour layover in China that took my journey time to almost 30 hours, cry). During a long haul journey you get given two meals and a snack, which is usually a sandwich. 

This weekend my flight is at 5pm UK time from London and I land in Brisbane at what would be 3pm UK time. Does anyone really need 4+ meals in this time frame? Nuhuh. 

Keep your watch on UK time and pick your meals wisely. It'll save you feeling even more gross that necessary at the other end. 

Alcohol's not a great idea. Sorry.

Until last December, I got drunk on every first flight because I knew it'd help me sleep. I always find the journey quite emotional anyway - I've mentioned the sad films and tears already. It's proven that the altitude etc does actually make you more emotional. That, plus the manufactured air and dehydration from not wanting to have to get up countless times, annoying everyone around, makes alcohol a really dumb decision on a long haul flight. Soz to be a bore.

Sleep at the right time.

Keep your watch on your local time for meals but change your phone to the time of your destination and as soon as you get on that plane, try and change your sleeping habits to that time. Easier said than done but it makes jet lag almost inexistent. 

Pack mini's of your fave products

Your beauty routine needn't go out of the window and it'll make you feel tens times better if you have those home comforts board with you. Sound-cancelling headphones are your mate. Invest in some because when that baby starts screaming at 2am, you'll be glad you did.

This post was written in partnership with Russell Athletic, which can now be found at Tu at Sainsbury's.
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