17 March 2017

How do you describe your *style*?

Photographs by Lydia Collins

How do you describe your personal style?

As someone who writes a blog that often lends itself to my personal *style*, this simple question is one I get asked a lot.

In the five years I've been blogging, my reply is yet to change and goes something along the lines of, "It's pretty minimal. I wear a lot of neutral/muted colours but to completely contradict myself, I'm also obsessed with brash branding and glitter."

They say less is more and tbh, if sophistication is what you're after, they're probably right. There's a certain something about being understated.

I, however, am not one of those people. As much as I long to be able to drop a couple of hundred quid on a plain Acne t-shirt, if I had to pick between a plain white Acne t-shirt or one that carried a very large 'ACNE', branded for all to see across the front, I'm programmed to choose the latter.

It only makes sense that I got sucked into the Gucci t-shirt trend and I'm not even a tiny bit ashamed.

Could I afford it? Probably not.

Did I still buy it anyway? Absolutely.

The first night I wore it out, I bumped into someone in a corridor.  The other person involved chuckled and said, "Outta the way, Gucci' and I LOVED it.

Digging a little deeper, because everyone knows personal style is a reflection of one's personality etc, spending £280 on a t-shirt is both tragic and utterly wonderful. Tragic because validating yourself with an expensive slogan is nothing but that and it's also wonderful because who cares if that's what makes you feel good and gives you more confidence.

When Topshop first introduced their Unique and Boutique ranges, which are significantly more expensive than their main high street line, I remember laughing at the idea of paying just under a grand for a coat from Topshop. Seven seasons on and Topshop have created an independent high-end line that is at least desirable, if not accessible, to their customer and, I imagine, that sort of rebrand of Topshop, as a store where someone would be willing to spend more for the same name, takes a significant amount of bloody hard work.

Brand identity and everything that comes with it is why Gucci, and any other hyped brand, can get away with charging such an absurd amount of money for a t-shirt.

With the t-shirt photographed, I bought the men's XS, firstly because the women's had sold out everywhere and secondly, because I saved myself a solid £60.

If someone could reach out to Gucci to get the DL on why women are asked to spend more on the EXACT SAME t-shirt, that'd be great, cheers.


A Gucci wishlist because one can dream:

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