25 February 2017


I don't know about you but nothing is more important to me than my mates' happiness and their health. Quite frankly, I'd do anything to ensure they have both at all times. It's utterly shit but it turns out sometimes these things are entirely out of our hands.

Lauren, a friend of mine and one of the funniest, most brilliant women I've met through the industry, was diagnosed with the fucker that is breast cancer last summer.

I've never admired anyone more than I admire Lauren for the way she's handled her diagnosis. You only have to read this piece, and head over to her instagram, to find yourself totally in awe of her refusal to let her sense of humour be tarnished by the lump she found in one of her knockers.

Not only is her kick-arse attitude heroic but Lauren openly shares every venerability she's faced from the off; something that I can only imagine is a huge support to other cancer sufferers.

And the light in the dark? After months of having her body poisoned with chemo, Lauren's going to be just fine.

For the time-being though, my #girlboss is focussing on getting better and unable to work. And quite frankly, living costs money - no one should have to have that added stress during such a difficult period. While Lauren's been kicking cancer's arse, she's also got her creative juices flowing and designed some ace t-shirts, of which 25% of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Haven.

Buy a t-shirt, take a banging selfie and post it on socials with #GirlVSCancer to spread the word and follow Lauren's incredible story here.


Photographs by Comb.
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