25 January 2017


How far are you through your January ‘shred’? Are you still invigorated or have you given up; were you motivated by the sudden drop of lbs in the first week only to be shattered by disappointment at the slower pace of weight loss in the next? 

Step away from the scales. Can this year be the year we all stop exercising to lose weight? There’s a new hashtag on instagram that’s one for everyone who has had that sudden weight drop and then gained it straight back, even though they look incredibly different. #Gainingweightiscool has gained a lot of traction as of late. Why? Because almost everyone can relate to this one. 

Back when I first started on my exercise journey, it took every ounce of my will power to stop weighing myself. I saw the weight gain as indication that I was failing even though my clothes were looser, and my fitness levels higher, than before. 

So, I’ve partnered with Herbalife, an internationally acclaimed healthy lifestyle supplement, to bring you reasons to exercise other than loosing weight:

Fuel Yourself

You’re only as good on the outside as what you put in the inside, or something like that. I like to think of myself as the number one example of this. Before Christmas I was fitter than I’d ever been but you’d never have known it by a glance. Abs I had had months before were (and still are) vanished under a layer of summer ciders, hearty dinners for two and more and just generally living without thought. 

That’s where Herbalife came in - they challenged me to balance. I think I was hooked in on the premise that it had nothing to do with clean eating. It’s all well and good living life and having a great time and also being able to run that 20kmph sprint set. It comes down to personal preference but there is more to be had. Herbalife make ingesting the vitamins and protein you need easy; it’s only a few switch ups and I’m now eating more properly than I have done in years. And no, I’m not ‘detoxing’ or ditching meals for shakes. Herbalife is about so much more than that.

I’ve always sort of looked on with shade at girls swapping up chocolate and other treats for for protein bars but, again, it’s about the balance of things you want and things you that’ll fuel you better than others. 

I mentioned to my Herbalife practitioner that I was tired all the time and was recommended more water along with a supplement. I told her I have a morning smoothie, so I was given something that I can add to it, rather than replace it with.

Basically, there really is something for everyone to help them on their way to being their best self.

Commit a solid time

On average, it takes 66 days to form a habit. That sounds like a long time but in the long term, 66 days is nothing.

If you have no spare time, run to work. Give yourself a lunch hour and sign up to that thirty minute class across the road. If you’re in London, there’s really is no excuse. There are amazing gyms across our city that will get you pumping in only 30 minutes. It’s a chance to escape your day and refresh. You owe that to yourself.

If it’s your only spare time during the week, give up those Saturday night drinks and your Sunday morning brunch. Every weekend without fail. 

Rigid routines pay off. If you look at how the most successful live, it’s obvious that their routines are flawlessly undisturbed by anything else. 

Do it for more than yourself

Think of a world where we exercised beyond getting fit, training for something and beyond wanting to lose weight; what’s left? 

Other people. 

I just signed up for Goodgym - a workout scheme where a group of people get together and do something great for the community or they run to visit an older aged person to keep them company for a bit at home. 

A goal for me this year was to spend some of my free time each week giving back because, quite frankly, this far I’ve led a fairly selfish existence. 

With Goodgym, you’re not only exercising and feeling good about yourself because of that but you’re also helping something or someone and what a bloody fantastic feeling that must be. 

Train for something after something else

Once again, I can’t not include this one because the importance of having something to train for, especially after having already completed a goal, is really bloody important. You can be left feeling quite lost after training for something for ages and completing it and then having nothing else in the future.

So, it’s simple really. Have a little break, rejuvenate and sign up to another thing straight away. 

Never underestimate motivational power; whether it be for a race or lifting that bit heavier each week.

This post was written in partnership with Herbalife.
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