23 January 2017

Inside the Design Museum

Photographs by Joe Galvin.

We are confronted with design everywhere we turn; the buildings we live in, the clothes we wear and the things we use on a minute-to-minute basis were all designed with a purpose in mind.

With that in mind, and in between doing my taxes, ordering food off Deliveroo and general hibernation from the cold, I finally dragged myself down to the new Design Museum.

Located on High Street Kensington, the Design Museum is in good company with the V&A, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum all just round the corner. The new building is not only three times the size of it's previous location but a million times more spectacular than before.

The exterior roof is covered in copper and the interior galleries are an abundance of oak and marble. The atrium is vast yet minimal - it's significance in the building is undeniable but almost overpowering.

As you'd expect from any museum of note, the building itself is dramatic and impressive; if 'wasted' space gets your goat, there's a high chance you'll think the building indulgent but if you can look past that, the exhibitions held within are fantastic.

Shop the look:

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