8 December 2016

Winter Charge

All clothing Nike ft. Lunarcharge trainers*

Photographs by Comb

Winter has a couple of great things about it - not having to feel guilty for being hauled up on the sofa in your trackies for hours on end and Christmas.

Bar those two, I'm not a huge fan. Days are short, nights are long and it's bloody freezing. When I'm en route to the gym at 5pm in the dark, I know where I'd much rather be tbh (horizontal and in doors, obviously).

December is the month where we all let lose. Between Christmas parties and meals - I've eaten two roasts a week for the past three weeks, just fyi - and bar a fresh pair of trainers, there's little motivation to get your arse out for a run or into a gym class.

Here's a few reasons why we should still working out as hard as we were last month:


Remember those warm days, where sweat glistened our foreheads and we all whinged to high hell about being too hot? Believe it or not, summer always comes around a lot more quickly than we ever realise. Contrary to popular belief, summer bodies are not made with New Year resolutions or in spring. This whole exercise and staying fit thing is an all year round thing, soz.

A winter summer holiday

This one might not be possible for everyone but a nice winter break in January to somewhere warm is probably ultimate #inspo for staying fit throughout winter. I never really understand why people who don't have kids go away in summer. Go mid term and miss the school rush - there's no reason not to.


If you can't force yourself out of the house, I don't blame you but that's still no excuse. Find someone you like on Youtube and an empty space, and you're good to go.  Or I'd highly recommend Nike's NTC app too.

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about ditching the gym and if ever there was a time to put this in action, this is it.

Sign up for a new challenge

Another obvious one but there really isn't anything like a new challenge/experience to keep you motivated. For all you Londoners, my gym 1Rebel offer Rehab Squad which is ten sessions in ten days for £120.

Rope a mate into it

Get your best mate. Grab your partner. It's always more fun working out with someone else than alone. Pain shared is pain halved. Make it a social event. Put a bet on who will cave first - there's nothing quite like healthy competition between mates.

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