13 December 2016

Open House

Dubstep has evolved to so much more than that thumping wub sound, played in a dingy basement back when the genre first surfaced years ago.

I remember my first dub night. I'd just started university and moved into halls and the guy I'd taken a liking to was massively into dubstep. So, I found myself shelling out seven quid for entry for a night called FWD at Plastic People (RIP) on a Thursday night. 

My feelings for him were dampened by his crap attempt at dancing but dubstep grew on me. I wouldn't exactly say I'm a hardcore dub fan but give me enough vodka and I'll happily throw myself around to it, like the drunk idiot I usually am.

Last Thursday saw Thump and Smirnoff bring together Silkie and Mala, two pioneering dub artists, at Bussey Building, one of the last standing london nightlife gems. 

Silkie began his dubstep career making garage tunes but paying attention to board big name influences, such as Skream, and the music they were making at the time, Silkie's music transformed into something smoother. Jumpy piano melodies are a common reoccurrence in his tracks, giving a warm upbeat element to his silky, fluid productions.

Like Silkie, dub step pioneer Mala is also signed to Deep Medi Musik and has shapeshifted the genre, travelling to Peru and back to source new inspiration. 

Mala told The Guardian“My intention was just to learn about a new sound and a new culture. I was very aware of musicians feeling comfortable and not asking too much of anybody. We organised a meet and greet with musicians, and met people who wanted to make a contribution.”

It was with this attitude in mind that the Open House was held. An intimate crowd flocked to South East London to knock back a fair amount of Smirnoff and share some heavy vibrations with the two producers. It was no ordinary dub night - it showcased dubstep as inventive, melodic and, most importantly, diverse yet all-inclusive. 
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