One Year Mark

Photographs by Lydia Collins.

I shot this coat in this same location a year ago. In terms of content, it makes very little sense to be returning to somewhere twice, let alone twice shooting the same thing but after all the changes this year, I find comfort in the fact that this is still my favourite place and coat. Boring but true.

At the beginning of last December, I packed in my part-time job, which was probably the most terrifying thing I've ever done (Bills, bills bills etc). So, this month marks my one year anniversary of working for myself full-time. IKR - go me.

I've learnt a whole heap professionally and personally over the past 12 months, which basically boils down to: I still suck at make up but I'm actually alright at what I do and, you know what, you actually don't have to date dickheads who make you feel like shit.

It's been up and down. #Brexit and Trump have left us questioning humanity. And apparently, there are more billionaires in his cabinet than ever before, making decisions on behalf of millions of people who are having to live things these privileged individuals have never had to live.

Yet, this year has seen diversity embraced more wholeheartedly than ever before, within many commercial and influential industries. Plus, unemployment is down. So, it's not all bad.

But, back to me. Lol.

I landed the biggest contract I've signed to date in January and that gave me a new lease of worth and with that, I had faith that I could make this working for myself thing work. There have been some incredible experiences but there have also been days when I've been inconsolably anxious and so stressed that I've almost packed it all in for your regular 9-5.

This year I learnt that self-love and self-worth play a huge role when working for yourself (cringe, sorry). I don't know about you but the way I feel about myself reflects in every little thing I do. If you don't have a 9am office call to get you up in the morning, you're probably not getting out of bed and you definitely aren't motivated to get shit done if you aren't loving yourself.

For me, 2016 was all about trying to discard rubbish from life; whether that be detrimental relationships with the people who no longer lifted me, the literal crap beneath my bed or mediocre content that was occasionally being churned out - all of these are still a work in progress.

While it's still a bit early for an end of year post, I felt like writing this now so here we go. There have been more of you than ever before - thanks for clicking through and making what I do a possibility. Feeling #blessed.


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