15 November 2016

On Being Petite

Fila Petite dungarees and top from ASOS* | ASOS x Saucony trainers*

"You're much smaller than you look on instagram than real life!" Cheers pal. Great observation.

We seem to be more obsessed with sizes than ever before. Whether it's 'plus' sizes (I bloody hate that term) or smaller sizes, at the moment we seem to be being bombarded with a false diversity - don't get me wrong, that's obviously better than no diversity at all. 

I'm not here today to talk about weight. Today, let's chat about height. I enjoy being petite but I can't deny that I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about not growing since age 13. 

These are just some of the things being petite means to me:

- "Do you have ID?"

- 3/4 length trousers are actually the correct length

- I can fold my legs on a plane seat without pissing anyone off

- It's easier to run up hill (apparently) 

- I am forever looking up to people (literally, not metaphorically, duh)

- "You're SO cute"

- "What size are your feet?"

- an extra 2 lbs might as well be a million

- kids coats are considerably cheaper

- not being able to reach the overhead rail on the tube 

Lucy Love said...

I identify to all of these on so many levels!
This morning I got a death stare to end all death stares when I stayed hanging onto the pole in the middle of my tube carriage rather than moving down the aisle, but I figured it was probably better than me falling onto some random businessman's knee when I inevitably cannot reach the overhead rail.
Also I totally feel you on the 2lbs may as well be a million - it makes such a difference when you're tiny!! xo
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