23 November 2016

When Digital Meets Art

All photographs by Kris Atomic.

There's no running from technology these days. It's everywhere around us and we rely on it more than we ever have done before. Without technology my job wouldn't exist; I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with my parents in Australia or my friends dotted around the country with such ease; I wouldn't know about half of the things I'm luckily enough to be able to know about because they are just a google away from my finger tips.

I fear the day technology defeats our own capabilities - think X-men or whatever nerdy sci-fi robots taking over the world film you're in to. Until then, I'm very happy to roll with technology's constant improvements and updates that make life all that much easier.

I've been lucky to have had a lot of tech thrown at me recently. With that in mind, and after spending the day with them last week, I can confirm Lenovo and Motorola are both the pinnacle of the tech game right now.

First things first, we began with a ridiculously gluttonous lunch to kick off, because priorities...

But then we cracked on getting to find our way around Lenovo's new Yoga book and our Moto Z phone, which we could use to snap all of our activities from the day on.

Lenovo's Yoga book has four different modes to it:

'Create' where you can take notes or create sketches using either a digital stylus or stylus with a real ink nib (all included in the pack) and see them instantly digitised on the screen.

'Type' where the bottom half of the tablet lights up to become an on demand key board (- I know right) and you can use the Yoga book as you would any usual laptop.

'Watch', which enables you to fold the tablet back on itself and view the screen while it's a standalone device.

Finally, there was the 'Browse/Tablet mode' where the Yoga book could be used as a usual tablet for browsing, reading or whatever it is you like to do with your tablet.

Next up was the Moto Z. I don't think I stopped gawping in awe throughout the various snap on Moto Mods demo. These can be attached to the phone giving it various other features. There's the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod, which transforms it into a point and shoot with a zoom like no other I've seen on a phone before. Forget speakers, there's an attachment to clip on the back for that too.

The bit that truly blew my mind was the projection clip on. Lying back in bed, watching TV on your ceiling brings a whole other level to 'Netflix and chill'.

Then it was time to put our newly found hero devices to the test. We walked around London snapping as we went on our Moto Z phone and Hasselblad True Zoom until we ended up at the Royal Academy of Art, where there's currently an 'Abstract Expressionism' exhibition on.

Our challenge? To research and sketch the abstract art we saw in order to return to digitally draw our very final sketch on the Yoga Books before taking brush to canvas to create own 'masterpieces'.

Between us, a few masterpieces surfaced. Mine doesn't quite fall under that category but what can you do - you can't be #blessed at everything now, can you?

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Lenovo and Motorola. 
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