14 November 2016

24/7 Refresh

Whether it's food, instagram feeds or relationships, consistency for me is everything. However, nothing about my schedule is ever consistent. I rely on products that can be with me on the go, wherever that go may be. I also really bloody love chocolate. Cue Peppersmith.

I've had a kick up the arse from my dentist recently for my overly sweet tooth and diet fizzy drink addiction (#fitnessblogger, hay!). So, whether I'm being too lazy to get out of bed to brush my teeth for a second time post-brunch or my mouth's tasting sour post workout and needing a refresh OR I'm trying fighting off wine stains on a Saturday night, Peppersmith are my new hero product.

They protect your teeth day in, day out because of Peppersmith are made of xylitol, which is clinically proven to reduce the risk of plaque. FYI, they've also got pretty cute packaging....

This post was written in partnership with Peppersmith.
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