19 October 2016

Throwback to summer

American Apparel suede skirt* | Boohoo top | Nike AM95 iDs*

Photographs by Wyatt Dixon

The crisps leaves crunching beneath your feet and the variety of colours covering the pavements are upon us. And here I am, behind on posts still pumping out content shot in summer. One can reminisce though, right?

I stumbled across this denim top number on ASOS and found myself purchasing my first thing from Boohoo ever and to be honest, I love the it but my suspicions were right. Call me a snob but it was badly made and the quality isn't great. It's quite literally throw away fashion and there are so many problems within the industry because of consumers buying into these cheap, disposable clothes but, to be honest, that's another much more serious conversation for another time.

Shop the look below.

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