10 October 2016

Picking The Right Trainer

For me, it's the trainers that I'm wearing make or break a run. If I'm tired I can ignore it and push through. If my body aches, I know there's a bath waiting for me at the end. If I get a stitch, I'm aware that it's only temporary. But if you pick the wrong running trainer, ultimately you're screwed. Think pain in the sole of your feet, shooting shin splits, dodgy joints etc.

When it comes to running, and picking running trainers, you need to know how you run - i.e. the type of runner you are. This could be anything from falling heavy on the back of you foot to running slightly inwardly, which apparently is something I'm prone to.

The right running trainer also depends on the type of foot you have. Whether it's arched, flat, 'normal', narrow or wide.

The best bet is to head to head to a store where they can analyse all of this for you because at the end of the day, running trainers don't come cheap. They're a solid investment that, should you pick the correct one, better your run and therefore better your wellbeing.

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with New Balance
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