25 October 2016

I went down to Zombie Day for Halloween inspiration so you didn't have to

As someone very much in need of a 'Make Up For Dummies' just to get through my day to day, Halloween is something of a literal nightmare. 

There are one of two choices for most girls on Halloween. Cute/sexy, which usually involves something skin-tight with either your boobs or butt on show, or you never know, possibly even both (think Mean Girls' bunny, obviously). 

Then there's the terrifying full-blown zombie/dead bride (another Mean Girls reference, sorry) and any air of attractiveness is out the window. 

I always need all of the #inspo I can get and nothing beats a few ideas in the flesh. So, I headed down to the World Zombie Day walk at the weekend to clock a few ideas. The plan was to get all London’s zombies together, walk across London's landmarks in broad daylight, looking bloody terrifying, in order to raise money for St Mungo's Broadway, which is a charity that supports the homeless.

Jägermeister topped it all off by throwing a big party at Piccadilly Institute at the end of the march, where zombies were able to knock back one a few to and let loose after the walk - one of my all time favourite activities. There was also decontamination Photo Booth and custom Jäger 'zombie cocktails'. All that was missing was a flash mob rendition of thriller. 

The effort some zombies had put in was astonishing. The walk and Jägermeister after party were well and truly 'lit' - see Zombie with candles sticking into her forehead below. 

Jäger is bringing its Zombie Takeover to the London Cocktail Club venues for Halloween weekend – Friday 28 to Monday 31st October – you can get a Darth Jäger cocktail, which is Cocktail of the Month for October. 

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