15 August 2016

ASOS Petite

ASOS Petite trousers and choker* | Forever 21 top* | Adidas slides* | Ray-Ban sunglasses via The Sunglass Hut*

Photographs by Toni Tran

My all time favourite get up tends to consist of a wide, high-waisted trouser and, depending on the weather, skin tight crop or body. There's a a lot to be said for dressing for your body type. I come in at child-size five foot one, size 8 and, as you've no doubt noticed, bigger up top than average for my frame. There's no chance of me in the average length trouser but fortunately, there are some cracking petite sections on the high street. If it's petite and high-waisted, there's a high chance I'm a fan. 

In my opinion, the wider the trouser, the more wild the party - and yes, I did just repeat a recent instagram caption of mine. Am I sorry? Not a chance - sorry.

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