23 June 2016

I 'Inspo-Shopped' So You Don't Have To

Finding a good phone network is the same as finding a good foundation. Once you finally discover one that works, you’ll stick with it for life. While I haven’t yet found my for-life foundation, I switched over to EE last month and it looks like I’m in it for the long haul. Where my phone used to drop out of signal, EE’s network wows me with full bars, and with the job that I do, that sort of thing makes all of the difference. 

Speaking of work, I’ve been a little dry on blog post inspiration as of late. As much as I love a good Pinterest board, for me, it can never replace some good old IRL inspiration. The majority of my best fashion posts have been written after a day spent trawling through shops, taking in their visual merchandising and new season clothing, pinpointing what I think works and what doesn’t, and then rendering bits and pieces of it into my own work. It isn’t just limited to introducing new styles I've never tried but I regularly use songs I've heard in-store for DJ sets. 

You never know where inspiration might turn up. Being prepared for these snap judgments is easier said then done though - it's not like I have my DSLR to hand everywhere I go. I love walking through London and discovering new places, but it’s a nightmare if I see something incredible that I ‘d want to share with you but can’t because it’s the the one sodding day I don’t have a decent camera on me. Those worries are long gone though – thanks to the Huawei P9 and its dual-lens camera that has been co-created with Leica.

To get my creative clock ticking again, I decided to head down to all of my favourite Shoreditch shopping haunts and snap what I found inspiring. EE’s incredibly fast network meant all of those #changingroomselfies got to my friend’s that much quicker for their opinion too - another very important reason why we all need great signal, obviously. 

As you can see below, the results were phenomenal. Basically, I went 'inspo-shopping' so you don't have to...

The Basics Store, 30a Redchurch Street

This was the second time I've stumbled across The Basics Store, a pop up on Redchurch Street that first opened its doors last Summer - only a few doors down, in fact.

The store is a curated concept store. Every thing has a place and a reason for being there. This store could provide you content for the 'gram for days on end. You can find brands such as MARINA London - a silk specialist designer, who's material on the hands is like Ludovico Einaudi to the ear. Another favourite is Baserange - Calvin Klein who, yeah? The pop up store is only open until 15th July though so, best to head down sooner then later.

Aesop, Redchurch Street

I'll admit it - I'm an Aesop addict. From the smell to the minimal branding to the easy on the eye store layout, I've been hooked for years now. You name the beauty product and if Aesop do it, I've got it. Well, almost.

Every store has a different design. Essentially, they're all the same but very different in ways which are barely noticeable. Never have I ever been in to an Aesop store I didn't feel inclined to photograph.

NikeLab 1948, 477 Bateman Row

NikeLab 1948 is the epitome of a store fusing sport and fashion. NikeLab is everything that Nike does but ten times better. Pallets within the store tend to be muted. Apparel is both for the street and for the gym - although, in all honestly, there's very little chance I'd ever let anything I've bought in NikeLab get soaked through with gym sweat. 

Installations created for current collections, which are always visually stunning, are a regular feature in store too.

Kit And Ace, 29 Redchurch Street

Kit and Ace are new kids on the block but what they lack in time, they more than make up for in style. In a dream world, all of my hangers and railings would be copper, on clean white walls too. A marble coffee bar in the kitchen wouldn't go a miss either.

Goodhood, 151 Curtain Road

It's fair to say that Goodhood isn't the easiest store to navigate. It's a little crampt but the treasure stocked inside is worth the hunt for. Saying that, almost every piece is treasure anyway. Goodhood is great for some IRL #outfitinspo. They stock pieces that lay far out of my comfort boundaries, and everyone needs those pushed from time to time.

The lower floor contains everything I didn't know that I needed for my house, leaving me dreaming of the day I can afford it all.

Until then, Ikea dupes? Me? Never...

This post was written in partnership with EE, the 4G Network that’s 50% faster than O2, Vodafone and Three.
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