17 May 2016

Waking up w/ Danone Light & Free

What’s best to eat first thing in the morning is something I’ve been unsure of for a while now. Is it best to kick start with a smoothie, full of nutrients and vitamins from the fruit and veg but on the other hand, is it best to stick to a protein heavy breakfast, avoiding the sugar overload? 

Everywhere I look there are conflicting ideas so who knows which is best. For me, it comes down to what I fancy in the mornings and 5 out 7 days, that’s a fruity smoothie/smoothie bowl to kick start my day. 

However, I’m always keen to cut out as much added sugar as possible - cue heading down to check out Danone’s new Light and Free yoghurt launch at Frame in Shoreditch last week. 

We started the morning with an exclusive preview of the campaign video. The ad is playful,girly and light-hearted, essentially capturing everything the yoghurt is about.

It’d be fair to say my workout routine has gotten a little stale as of late. Switching up the three same classes every week doesn’t do much for the imagination so, the Rebound class we trialled next was a great switch up from the norm. Bouncing around on personal trampolines to old-school garage certainly worked up a sweat but there was an element of letting loose that is rare in a HIIT class. 

After a morning of teasing pots under our noses, it was only then that we cheers-ed spoons (- fitness bloggers, yeah…) and tucked into the thick, creamy Danone Light and Free yogurt. 

With no added sugar and the promise of being fat-free, the taste was even more tempting than it would have been otherwise. After checking the packaging, it turns out there are added sweeteners so, that’s something to keep in mind if that’s something that you are conscious of eating for other health purposes. 

And on that note, the aesthetics of the packaging can’t go without a mention either. Illustrated women in dresses designed from fruit are very stylish. A win win if you ask me!

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Danone UK.
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