11 May 2016

The New Trainers From Nike You Need to Know

Nike Free Run Flyknit* (left) & Free Transform*.

Brands that continue to push boundaries, making remarkable products that bit more remarkable, forever have a place in my wardrobe.

It's been more than ten years since Nike released the Free trainer. The Free Run Flyknit and Free Transform trainers are their latest release, once again upping Nike's game in the market.

I was lucky enough to attend Nike's launch a few weeks back to trial the trainers pre-release. We first put the Free Run Flyknits to the test with a quick 3K run through south west London. With its Flyknit body, the trainers fit like a glove and are incredibly light on the feet. The newly designed midsole pattern has the trainer expanding and contracting with the movement of your feet, making for a well-supported run. The sole is softer than before, providing more bounce and feedback with every step. For me, this is an absolute winner as I had yet to find quite the right amount of cushioning within a Nike running trainer that suited for both short runs and long runs.

Next up was a studio work out in our new Free Transform kicks. The first and most noticeable feature of the trainer was its missing tongue - Nike have taken the sock-like fit to the next level. Similarly to the Free Run Flyknit, the sole of the Free Transform has a tri-star pattern.

As we worked out, the trainer felt like an extension of the body; it was barely there yet offered the right amount of support for an intensive in-door work out.

Long story short, Nike have smashed it again. Word is you can test them out for thirty days and, if you aren't satisfied, return them for a full refund - madness. Check out the trainers further and colourways on offer over on nike.com.
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