6 May 2016

About That #PetalParty

If you'd ever wondered what three million petal being shot out of a cannon onto a street full of Londoners, Wednesday night was your chance to have seen it. Boots created a petal storm that took over St Christopher's Place to help raise awareness of night time hayfever and the ways in which us sufferers can tackle it.

It turns out that 64% of people who suffer from hayfever also suffer from what Boots have dubbed 'insneezia', which is basically a bout of insomnia due to the symptoms of hayfever.

Amidst the party bangers Lauren Pope was spinning and the hour long free fall of petals, I learnt some really useful hacks to tackle night-time hayfever symptoms. Firstly, you should keep your windows shut first thing in the morning and late at night - guess that one totally makes sense. Things I'd never thought of before such as putting your pillow in the freezer (yes, really), wearing sunglasses after the sun has set in the evening and adding a touch of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to under your nose can all apparently help prevent hayfever symptoms.

Good to know, right? Should they fail, an allergy nasal spray from Boots should do the trick. Also, Boot's have killed it on the timing - there's a heatwave coming this weekend apparently and can be all that much more enjoyable, hayfever free.

Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with Boots UK.
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