5 April 2016

The Thought Process of Posting on Snapchat

FFS, how is it already 10.34am? There goes another morning lost procrastinating and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram.

I should probably post something on Snapchat, even if only to 1. make myself do something productive and 2. make myself do something productive.

Wonder what everyone else has been up to?

Oh, that looks like a nice brunch. Hang on. That's a blogger's brunch. What. We always get invited to the same things. NFI'd, cool.

Huh, why is there a group of girls drinking and screaming suddenly?

Oh right, of course. Bloody Snapchat update. Guess it's night time in Sydney. I wonder how much the idiot who came up with the story merging idea got paid. Wanker.

God, I miss Australia.

Right, okay. I could try be funny? What would be funny? One of those dog or fat face filters?

Oh christ, my face is already FAR too round to be rounded x 10.

I guess I could post a pre-gym selfie seeing as I'm already in my gym stuff. Not that I'm actually going to the gym till this evening.

I feel so tired today. Might just not even bother tbh.

What is wrong with you? STOP being so lazy. Of course you're going to the gym later.

I'll just have a nice chat to my phone about how unproductive my morning has been so far.

How do people talk to their phones? This is the weirdest thing EVER. That bloody crack on the screen really isn't helping either.

That isn't really what my voice sounds like, is it? No more talking for me EVER. Seriously, how do people do this.

Jheeze. It's 10.40am?

A reality TV show of #BTS #Fbloggers would be hilarious. Six minutes to post a bloody snapchat.

Selfie it is. A straight up, no BS selfie. Simple.

Hahahaha, that angle. Bet that'll make Lauren LOL at work. She is so welcome.

Right, serious selfie. Okay. I'll drink my smoothie - that gives it some sort of context surely.

Millie, what are you doing. You look like such a dick. That can not go anywhere.

I give up. I can't do this.

And breathe. STOP stressing. It's just snapchat.

I'll do some emails and come back to it.

Actually, hang on. I haven't been on Twitter yet. I wonder what's going on on there this morning...I should probably tweet something.
Charlotte Lee said...

Haha, I avoid Snapchat for this exact reason. Also what do you mean by talking to your phone? Like, with no-one on the other end of the line, or...

Charlotte x
Fox Socks

Millie Cotton said...

I always feel like when I'm posting a snapchat where you are chatting, it's just talking at your phone even though there are people who see it on the receiving end, but that's just me! x

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