18 March 2016

CK 4 Urban Outfitters

All clothing Calvin Klein @ Urban Outfitters* | Adidas Stan Smiths | Love Moschino for Specsavers glasses* | Radley London backpack* | Molami headphones*.

Photographs by Elyse Kennedy.

You are what you wear. If I had to dissect my own style; brash, bold branding speaks volumes of my personality - what you see is what you get and it's as straight forward as that. Small details such as glittery nails or a sparkly phone case hint at a playful side. A preference of a neutral palette indicates a certain level of laziness (I can get dressed with my eyes closed in under ten seconds) but also is a sign of practicality. 

I'm cringing while I write that so yeah, that's enough about me. Food for thought though, isn't it? Did you really pick out that pink jumper today, pair it with that pinafore dress and glittery socks (IDK, ok) because you simply felt like it or is there a deep seeded reason? If I were to psychoanalyse that outfit I've just thought of - which I'm obviously qualified to do so - I'd say there's some sort of clinging on to a never-ending childhood/yearning for youth etc. 

What I'm getting at is it pays to pay attention to the clothes you chose to wear. They express your current feelings. They're an indication of pretty much everything about you. And on that note, what exactly are you wearing today?
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