16 December 2015

Music | Lone x Absolut The Future of Nightlife

With six albums under his belt and numerous successful tours, Matt Cutler - better known to me and you as electronic musician and producer Lone - is no stranger to putting on a banging bash. 
Lone's music takes you to another realm; it's chaotic but it's also calming. Lone's latest album Reality Testing is a collision of hip hop beats and electronic synth melodies. The album is visionary. 
So, it was no surprise that Absolut teamed up with R&S and Lone to create a one of a kind nightlife experience. The Future of Nightlife saw us immersed in a dark room, surrounded by LEDs that reacted with the music playing. That with more Absolut than I could handle combine made for one of the bests night I've experience to date. 
I caught up with Lone beforehand to chat all things reality, evolution and Absolut:

Millie: What’ve you been up to since the release of Reality Testing?
Lone: Toured the planet pretty much.. so much travelling and taking my music out there. I moved to London as soon as the record came out also. Won DJ Mag's 'best album' at the end of last year too which was really nice. Somehow made time to write some new tracks as well....
M: Do you feel like that album was a natural evolution or were you keen to push boundaries and create something very different?
L: Every project is a total start from scratch so in one sense, I'm always trying to push myself and create something totally different.. However, seeing how that’s the approach I take each time I guess you could say it was just the next natural progression.
M: I read that Reality Testing is about escapism, lucid dreams and the occasional blurred lines of reality. Is that something that happens a lot to you in real life?
L: People would always wonder why I was staring in to space not really saying anything when I was little and my Dad would reassure them 'He's just deep in thought, mate' - I've always been a massive daydreamer and I've always lived inside my head, I reckon.. All my records reflect that to a certain extent.
M: Working with Absolut and creating the immersive experience seems so fitting. How did it come about?
L: I was asked to do it and knew of the guys putting the visual side of things together and knew it was gonna be pretty amazing so it was a no-brainer for me.
M: What would you say heightens the senses more, visuals or sound?
L: Obviously sound is the medium I work in so that always hits me the hardest. Sound and the right visual take it to a whole other level though. When it's done properly, there's really nothing like it.
M: Do you think the surroundings of a night can make or break it or that you simply need good music and the right crowd to have a good time?
L: All the element are as important as each other I guess. Not to say if you don't have them all at once it can't be a good night, but when everything comes together it definitely makes it.
M: Where’s been your favourite place that you’ve played in London?
L: XOYO has always been real good to me... there's a ton of venues I love in the city though for sure.
M: What’s next for the future?
L: I'm well in to writing new tunes at the moment, got shitloads of ideas at the moment so, just focusing on doing what I love and being creative I guess.

Get a feel for our incredible night with Absolut (and the Future of Nightlife) by watching the video below:

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