16 December 2015

Fashion | Concrete Jungle

Barney's at ASOS* fur coat | COS top | Topshop Boutique skirt | Pinko Shine Baby Shine trainers*.

Photographs by Elyse Kennedy.

Just like music, places can evoke all sorts of strong emotion.

I've been on great first dates (and awful first dates) on South Bank. I celebrated my 21st birthday in the Oxo Tower. I met my longterm ex-boyfriend for the first time post break up there. I graduated at South Bank's Royal Fesival Hall. I've run along the river on South Bank to clear my head and taken midnight walks discussing the most intimate of details with my best friend.

However, whenever I'm there, Jurassic 5's Concrete Jungle comes to mind and it reminds me of my brother blasting it out of his bedroom speakers, full volume at our family home, years and years back. Those warm, nostalgic feelings that flood over me every time I visit make it no surprise that I keep going back.

The place is a jungle memories - some good, some bad but ultimately, this time around it came down to South Bank just being a ridiculously good place to shoot, regardless of anything else.
Its just me !! said...

I ❤️ That post and the photos are amazing you look stunning xx

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