23 November 2015

Fashion | Tastefully Tacky

H&M jumper & top* | Versus by Versace skirt* | Moschino bag from Grazia Shop* | ASIC Trainers | Nixon watch*

Photographs by Elyse Kennedy

There's a fine line between tacky and tasteful - with the resurgence of 90s big and bold branding over the past year, those lines are more blurred than ever.

With Isabel Marant dupes hanging on the rails in Zara, can we really be surprised that designers have blatantly laid claim on what's theirs? Why would anyone want to fork out hundreds of pounds for a shirt now that it can easily be mistaken for something from the high street. Call me materialistic but I even get a certain buzz when someone asks where a piece of my clothing is from, thinking it's expensive but it isn't. Is it fine to wear a dupe as long as no one knows it's a dupe? It's no longer long enough to be able to feel the quality of your silky shirt from The Row against your skin and just stomach the price tag, knowing it'll last you longer and (fingers crossed) it was made more ethically.

So, in came the brash branding and those who can afford it, have lapped it up, proudly wearing CC's on their trainers, Moschino plastered all over their jumper and Calvin Klein peeking out of their low rise denim.

Imagine replacing the Moschino logo on my bag from Grazia with big gold H&M letters. It doesn't have quite the same vibe to it does it. I'm pretty certain the bag isn't out of H&M's designer's reach but very few people would buy it, right?

The brands we chose define our personalities. You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, the first fifteen seconds when meeting someone new is the most important, yet there are  veryfew words that you can get into those first fifteen seconds. What are you trying to say with the brands that you wear is more important than a lot of us lend thought to...

This post was written in collaboration with Grazia Shop.
Lizzy Hadfield said...

I love this outfit! The jumper is so gorgeous, I loveee the colour of it!

Shot From The Street

NRC♥ said...

Definitely something I've been thinking more and more about especially as a designer

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