12 October 2015

Lifestyle | Be True To Your Pleasure

Things have been getting a little #deep around here recently. City life, specifically with London in mind, catches you living life in the fast lane and recently, I've taken a lot of pleasure in giving myself time out every day to soak it all up and think and as the case may be, pencil it some of it down online too - aren't you lucky!

We spend our lives so concerned about our careers, the clothes we wear, the money we earn and what other people think that it's easy to forget the little things that give us pleasure. Whether it's switching off your phone for an hour and having a bubble bath, taking back your lunch break for a quick run or the simple short shuffle across a carpet to a small touch of another person, such as in Patrick Downing's short film Zap that you can watch below - all these tiny pleasures are important, no matter your age or schedule.

Magnum ice cream have collaborated with i-D magazine to highlight the importance of just this. Their Be True To Your Pleasure competition saw three independent film makers selected to work with director Xavier Dolan to produce their shorts and the results have been astounding.

My favourite of the three has to fall to the short Kai by Andrew Cummings. The short is sensual and explores a whirlwind of emotion; it is only when the principle dancer learns to let go and enjoy life that her dancing skills improves; her techniques are enriched by her pleasurable experiences outside of her working environment - a lesson that many Londoners can most likely relate to and take note of.

Work hard, play hard and make sure every day includes a little pleasure.

This post was written in collaboration with Magnum ice cream and i-D magazine.

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