19 October 2015

Lifestyle | #WeLoveRain

Helly Hansen wellies and coat.

You can move the girl from the country to the city but there are some things that will always remain ingrained. Sundays in the winter have three purposes in my eyes - curing any self-inflicted agony from the night before, a long stroll through a woods and consuming the best part of a cow or chicken with some freshly roasted potatoes smothered in gravy with a glass of wine in front of a fire.

There happens to be a fair few country walks and nice pubs around Dulwich, so that's where you'll find me come Sunday and yesterday was no different. My longline Helly Hansen puffer kept me from the cold and we ventured through the woods, ending up suitably stuffed and buttons popped (so fash) in front of a fire. Come rain or shine, I'm forever living for the weekend.

However, I'm one of those lucky ones that the weather doesn't seem to affect all that much. Apparently, many people feel quite differently but that needn't be the case. After much research, experts at Helly Hansen discovered that the colour we wear affects our mood. A grey day can easily be brightened by wearing a bright colour, both mentally and physically. Rain doesn't mean you have to be any less stylish either. Sleek silhouettes, fabrics and details mean you can look just as good during a downpour.

Happy Autumn kids!

This post was written in collaboration with Helly Hansen.
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