11 September 2015

Lifestyle | Copenhagen w/ Eastpak's City Guide

I don't know about you but I love a city break. They're never long enough to become complacent with the city and they're always short enough to leave you wanting more - not that there's any chance of getting complacent in Copenhagen anyway. The people are beautiful both inwardly and out, the place is clean and the music scene is thriving.

When Eastpak offered up a chance to visit Copenhagen as part of their Eastpak City Guide, I leapt at the opportunity, obviously. We may have been there mid week but luckily Emily and I know how to scope out a party (maybe with the help of a dane or two along the way). Bar the dancing all night till the early hours of the next morning, we did manage to tick off Eastpak's bucket list along the way. Here were our standout spots:

Central Hotel | Tullinsgade 1, 1618

Never have I ever stayed in a hotel with only one room. That is until this Copenhagen visit. Central Hotel hosts a beautiful one bedroom, situated above an equally quaint coffee shop. We spent a little bit too much time people watching from the window table and seats in our room. An iPhone waiting for us in our room helped navigate the city - it was the little touches that made this place special. Also, I can't not mention the pillows - they were what dreams are made of.

Granola Værnedamsvej 5, 1819, Frederiksberg C

What better than stay up all night dancing? Waking up to spend all morning eating. Our days in Copenhagen were fuelled by Granola. They have some of the nicest staff and, more importantly, best freshly brewed coffee and squeezed juice around.

Rezet Store Rådhusstræde 7, st th, 1466, København

I recently sorted out my trainer collection. Turns out I have 15 pairs of Nikes alone. Once you add in the pairs of Adidas, Saucony, Vans, Converse and Reeboks the number of trainers I own is a ridiculous figure. For trainer addicts, such as myself, Rezet is heaven on earth. I could have dropped hundreds and hundreds of Koroner in this place easily. There's also a beautifully curated collection of clothing in store too. Not to mention Weekday is just down the road...

Carlsberg J.C. Jacobsens Have Pasteursvej, 1778, København

We walked and walked and walked to find this place. It's in the opposite direction of everything else but when you need some respite from city life, surely that's the only direction to head in. We spent an hour frolicking in the park and climbing trees. Not that it wasn't a beautiful space - it certainly was - but what with only being in Copenhagen for a few days, we sure had other things on our list that we wanted to do.

We also headed to Aamans for steaks before heading back to the airport. My camera battery ran out so I have no photos to prove quick how delicious the meal was so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Thanks to Eastpak for sending us to Copenhagen! Head over to their city break guides here.
Maison Ellis said...

Serious wanderlust after this Millie, lovely photos girl x

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