23 September 2015

Lifestyle | Brighton w/ Helly Hansen #WeLoveRain

All clothing Helly Hansen*

Photographs by Toni Tran

Not that I'm sure this post quite reflects it but I went to boarding school in Brighton for years as a teenager. A brief day visit back though and it seems long gone are the quirky vintage shops that I once knew and loved. Don't get me wrong the lanes are still full of gorgeous independent boutiques that you could spend hours rummaging through - just none of the ones I once handed over my pocket money to.

Nothing is more nostalgic of my former years in Brighton than the ever changeable and aggressive weather. Our boarding houses were attached to the main school meaning it was possible to never see the day of light if you chose so. Some days we weren't allowed outside either - there was fear of tiles blowing off the roof in strong winds apparently. Weekends were spent playing sports matches on the hillside looking down at the marina followed by trips into town to explore all that Brighton could offer. 

Not to state the obvious but it's a very different city to London. Firstly, there's the pier and the beach. The pier is so wonderfully tacky. From the ride that hangs over the edge of the pier to the 2p slot machines to the overpriced candy floss and doughnuts, it's every child's dream and every adult's nightmare. 

Concorde played host to one of my favourite ever gigs - I vividly remember singing every word along to Kate Nash at 16 - there's nothing more passionate than the teenage girl and I sure was one of them. Honeyclub and what used to be Digital saw many of my first nights out and shapes thrown around a dance floor.

Just as London is shaping my twenties, Brighton played a major part in shaping my teenage years and, bar all the crazy weather, I wouldn't have rathered done it anywhere else.

Post written in collaboration with Helly Hansen. Upload a photo in the rain with #WeLoveRain to Instagram to be in with a chance of winning Helly Hansen prizes from now until October 12th. Head over to their Instagram for more information.
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gorgeous post!!
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Lovely photos!

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