12 August 2015

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I've been meaning to sit and write a post about carving out your own career for a while now and as luck has it, Microsoft Surface asked me to get involved with a YouTube film they were creating for young people and school leavers exploring the opportunities available to them once school is over. During filming, I met some incredibly talented, young influencers. From an actor to a lawyer to a free-style footballer, all who have a large social media following but very different careers - some of which didn't even exist ten years ago.

Behind the scenes on set with Microsoft Surface
Whether you're at school and deciding on your GCSE options, mulling over your AS level results or older and stuck in a job that you hate, there are so many paths you can take next and it's important to give them some consideration.

It's not a lie when parents say that school days are the best days of your life. You spend all day every day with your best mates, forming relationships and experiences that will shape you to years to come. There's also that little bit of learning and homework thrown in too, obvs.

I was never one of those kids who excelled at one subject but I was quite good at a lot of things. GCSE's were fairly easy - I just dropped the subjects I didn't like and was still left with ten subjects to me to spread my attention across. A Level was where I stumbled. How did you pick four subjects that would equally enable you and disable you from certain careers. I loved chemistry but I loved English too. I dreamed of being an actress and got involved in every school play but I spent an equal amount of time with my head in a book about philosophy or psychology. I played around with making my own clothes in between guitar and singing lessons.

Some people are extremely lucky knowing exactly what they want to do. Want to be a doctor? Go for sciences. Want to be a banker? Economics and maths. Yet for most of us, it's not that simple. The world is at our feet and whittling it down to one career is a challenge.

How did I chose? Well, I ended up picking 5 subjects instead of 4 whilst looking at the bigger picture. I was almost sure I wanted to be a writer of some sort so I stuck to subjects that were essay based (Philosophy & Ethics, English Lit and Psychology) with a couple of subjects (French and Textiles) thrown in to keep me interested.

The subjects got me into a great undergrad journalism degree at LCC and then I continued on to a very specific MA in fashion journalism at Central Saint Martins yet, to this day I don't have a specific job title and I'm never really sure what to say when I get asked what I do. Some days you'll find me a interviewing a musician for a publication, others I'll be the one styling the musician for a shoot or gig and others I'll be in front of the camera myself. On a Friday, I might be running or in at an exercise event, and the day after you might find me in their Chelsea store, behind the decks spinning tunes.

We live in a world where it's become incredibly easy for multi-talented people to follow more than one career path. Daunting as it may seem, the world really is your oyster.

This post was written in collaboration with Microsoft Surface. You can watch our Microsoft Surface YouTube video here: http://tiny.cc/milliecotton_doanything
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