17 June 2015

Music | Isle of Wight Festival with Diesel #DieselPreFall15

Clothing Diesel Pre Fall '15

Photographs by Lel Burnett

When Diesel asked me to get on board to head to Isle of Wight Festival with three other digital influencers that I'd never met, I was a little nervous to say the least. On meeting Gwilym, Zac and Charlie bright and early to drive to the Isle of Wight, it was obvious we were all in for a treat of a weekend. The guys at Diesel had got it spot on and instantly, we got on like a house on fire and it was clear how passionate we all are about the brand and excited about creating content for the Pre Fall '15 campaign.

Bags crammed into the back of Gwilym's car and us dressed head to toe in Diesel Pre Fall '15, we hit the road to the ferry. There's not a lot to be said for the ferry across to the Isle of Wight. It's probably one of the most monotonous, slow modes of transport I've encountered but it got us from a to b.

The festival wasn't far from the ferry and after half an hour, we found ourself tent poles in hand, confused as anything as what to do with them. How many Diesel digital influencers does it take to put up a tent? Quite a few it turns out. Obviously, all that I did was sit and watch the boys and stamp in a few tent pegs.

A couple of beers later and we were finally on our way in. It wasn't long before we were stopped and Gwil and Zac were asked for their photos taken. When the photographer queried what it was the four of us were up to, us proclaiming we were a band who were to perform on the main stage seemed like the obvious answer, which turned out to be a reoccurring theme/joke over the weekend.

I'm not sure about you and maybe it was naive of me but I never realised that a VIP VIP area existed. These are the golden tickets, the ones you can't buy and have to be invited by the festival to. Luckily enough for us, we had our very own golden tickets allowing us backstage access and unlimited food and drink all weekend, which could only lead to absolute carnage.

We got soaked as we ventured for the security from the rain backstage to jump around to The Prodigy and the rest of the first night turned into a blur of rain, dancing and mud with us finally rolling into our tent in the early hours of the morning.

Day 2 swung around all too quickly and we picked out our second Diesel Pre Fall '15 outfits and spent the best part of the morning shooting/frolicking before heading into the festival. It's probably best I let the pictures do the talking.

Big love to Diesel for sending us and Zac, Gwilym, Charlie and Lel for all being such babes and making the experience what it was over the weekend.
Sarah Nunn said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like we were in the same campsite but I didn't see you. :( It was such a great weekend, Fleetwood Mac was the most amazing experience ever. Loved it!

Sheree Milli said...

That bomber is the ish. Glad you had fun. :)

Sheree xx

Emma Copland said...

What an amazing experience to be a VIP, looks like you guys had a blast and I am loving those Diesel bomber jackets.


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