11 May 2015

Fashion | Get Ready With #HMLovesProm

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Thinking back to this time 6 years ago, I was in the midst of scheming all things sixth form ball, aka prom. I refused to use the word way back then. In fact, I wanted to pretend like I had nothing do with it. It was merely a right of passage. I did not want to put on a princess dress or spend hours doing my hair and make up.

Has no one else ever heard of plaiting there hair the night before to save valuable sleep time? No, just me then. While my dressing up, faffing around for ages on menial hair and make up routine attitude hasn't changed, looking back, if I could go back and do it again, I'd change a fair few things. I'd scrap the black and white for one day and go HAM princess style - think pink tulle, sparkly shoes, hair extensions and whatever other girly things available to us out there. Because, if there's one day where you can dress up like a princess and not look like a bit of a dick, it's prom night. And unlike me, you probably aren't/won't date a guy in the year below and get to #fail the whole saga twice.

Here are my top tips for getting prom ready - experiences and lols from mine included.

Screw it, be a princess

See above but seriously, bar your wedding day, your princess days are over and any other day in tulle is no longer acceptable. Embrace it.

Blow the budget

Get your hair done in a fancy salon. Splash out on a MAC makeover. Real talk - you've just finished some of the hardest exams you're likely to encounter, only to go on to university to face some more, you deserve it. Hire a tacky limo in an ironic way, swig champagne in the back, pretending you are you're favourite celebrity, singing along to Taytay Swift at the top of your lungs with all your closest girl pals.

No date?

Again, see above.

"I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings" - Destiny's Child weren't the greatest girl band of all time for no reason, y'know. Besides, Single Ladies is bound to get played at some point. Single ladies unite.

Forget your phones and make memories

Sorry to get all old on you but I'm from a time before smart phones existed to capture every single moment to upload imminently on Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram. I stand by the fact that I have absolutely no photos of most of the best nights of my life.

Do not drink too much before/during/after

There are no nights that involve getting too drunk and having the best time of your life. Something always goes wrong or you never know, you and your friends might just end up circling the male staff. By circling, I obviously mean attempting to bump n grind horrified teachers who've known you since 11, in front of your boyfriend/date. One of you may end up in A&E. No, but seriously...

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by H&M.
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