19 April 2015

Beauty | Transeasonal Skincare Savers

Aesop face cleanser & exfoliant | Aveeno body moisturiser | L'Occitane bb cream* | Benadryl tablets

One of things that keeps us Brits on our toes is the forever changing weather. While it's not as extreme as a lot of places, it also isn't not rare to experience a couple of seasons in a day. This is a killer for anyone with responsive and sensitive skin. In between seasons, and when the weather can't quite make up its mind, is when my skin starts to flare up, especially on my face.

From foundation to moisturiser to eye cream, I'm prone to having to having an allergic reaction to almost everything. My face comes up in a rash and goes puffy and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it except ride it out and try and find a product that can help ease the swelling. When you don't know what's causing something, it's almost impossible to find products to fix it and trying to cover it with foundation only irritates an allergic reaction. Along the way, I've finally found some products that help prevent a transeasonal skin nightmare.

Aesop Cleanser & Exfoliant

Hands up, who else is an Aesop obsessive? As I've worked my way through their products, it's become obvious that not everything suits everyone. The volume shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair pretty limp. The cleanser by itself usually makes me break out but combined with the exfoliant, it clears up any pimples and eases any swelling caused by irritation. It's recommended that you only use it a couple of times a week but I find myself using it almost daily. The tea tree has a winning soothing and healing effect that I haven't found elsewhere.

L'Occitane BB Creme*

Skincare brands that move into make up always seem to create wonderfully gentle products. If I find that I really have to wear make up during a flair up, it's important to use something that won't irritate my skin any further. The L'Occitane BB cream is a god send. It's light but offers enough coverage to even out any odd skin tones.

Aveeno moisturising lotion

I love having unbearably dry skin that's prone to eczema - said no one ever. Sometimes it pays to do away with the fancy, expensive brands and stick to ones that do just what they say on the bottle. Aveeno is another lifesaver for all over the body.

Benadryl hayfever tablets

Pills, pills, pills (sing it in your head to Destiny's Child's 'Bills' and then we'll be on the same wavelength. Whether it's a headache or some other ache and pain, I try pop as few as possible. Except  allergy tablets. No, I don't have hay fever but they work wonders for skin irritations too. Best to nip the condition in the bud before it even rears it's head and taking one of these daily is something that really helps.

Sheree Milli said...

I love a bit of Aesop. Try Verso too. My skin is super sensitive and that stuff is theeeee best.

Sheree xx

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