5 March 2015

I Wear Clothes | H&M Shaper Denim | Berlin Tempelhof

All clothing and accessories H&M*

Photographs by Hattie Blake

There are very few places in the world that I love as much as London. Berlin, however, is up there with those few that come close.

Everything is cool in Berlin; not a Shoreditch 'we just got all this new shit and made it old and trendy' sort of cool but a legitimate sort. It's not try hard, it's not commercialised and it's not expensive - it's just really bloody cool - okay? Cool.

If you follow on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen that I finished my MA at St Martins last week so, I headed to Berlin to celebrate. The city is home to some of the best techno, house and dance clubs in Europe. Berghain is notorious for it's weekend long parties; people are known to go in on a Friday night and not see sunlight again until the Sunday morning. Other favourite venues of mine are Tresor, which reminds me of Bussey Building in London, and Watergate. The latter is surrounded with glass walls and once the sun rises over the river, where the club is situated, you're left dancing in the morning light.

We took some time out of celebrating to head to Tempelhof, a deserted Berlin airport to take a few photographs in H&M's new shaper denim, which I pretty much lived in over the weekend. And have you ever seen a more perfect heel than the ones above? No, me neither.

Diclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with H&M.
Hannah Louise said...

Love these photos! I've still never been to Berlin, it is very high on my to-do list. You look fab <3

Millie Cotton said...

thank you bbe!! you gotta go, it's one of my faves x

Zoe Audibert said...

Adore your outfit.xx

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