8 February 2015

Fashion | I Wear Clothes | Mulberry SS15

Mulberry SS15 suit* & Cara rucksack* | Adidas Superstars*

Photographs by Toni Tran

I'm not even sure of the last time I posted an outfit so, I wanted to kick of SS15 with something special - I'm pushed to think of anything better than British brand Mulberry in a magical garden in North London.

There's so much about this trouser suit that I'm love with, be it the baggy silhouette (to be honest, I'm still unsure if that's the intended fit or whether it's just down to my child-like proportions), the muted tone or the unstated 'Mulberry' gracing only the suit buttons for branding.

I'm not entirely sure I pull off it as well as some of the well known faces of Mulberry but that didn't mean I wasn't going to try. Forget your Stans, there's a new iconic trainer in town for SS15. Superstars are looking to be the sneaker of choice for summer so it made sense for them to grace my feet for this shoot (and for the foreseeable future - they're that comfortable).

It takes a lot to get me posting this many images but in a location this beautiful, it would have been a waste not to.
ZOE LONDON said...

holy shit millie you are killing at atm! mulberry stuff gifted is the actual dream and you look so so beautiful! well done! love this whole blog post just love love love it xxx

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